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Chapter ONE- Fix it Felix Syndrome

What is your story? And have you told it? Friends, we all have a story to tell! You’re here right? You are a living breathing human being right? I hate to break it to you, but YOU my friend have a story! And it is waiting to be told! Sometimes social media can paint “perfect pictures” to go with that “perfect story” that we want people to know But what about the real, the raw, the crazy amazing story that isn’t being told?

YOU matter, YOUR story matters!

I challenge you to be REAL, to be RAW, and that word we all hate VULNERABLE 😳 Yup, I said it vulnerable. Your story is waiting to be told!

If you aren’t loving how your story is headed, write a new chapter, change direction. Only you have that power. You are the author. Tell your story to your friends, your family, your TRIBE. I guarantee that your tribe will listen and love you hard! They will accept you and you will be surprised at how much they all can relate.

I was Brave, I was Raw, I was Real, I was vulnerable. I tell my story. I didn’t like the direction that my story was going so I wrote another chapter! This chapter is called “Stop feeding your face, and feed your soul instead” Rather harsh, maybe. But true? Most Definitely. Let me tell you the short version of my story that has been told but maybe not this in depth. Your going to get the raw unedited version. I hope that you join me as I dig deep and tell the previous chapters of my story.

Chapter One- Fix it Felix Syndrome What is Fix it Felix syndrome? Don’t be looking for the definition on google. I will tell you right now what it is. Fix it Felix Syndrome means- to fix everyone and everything. Stopping contention right in its tracks! Finding a solution for every problem and smoothing out all of the wrinkles! How do I know this definition? Well because I suffer from Fix It Felix Syndrome. Many of you may refer to it as a “people pleaser”. The person who keeps checking all of their tools because you know there has to be something out there that will do the trick? You all know the type I’m sure. Heck, maybe you yourself suffer from Fix It Felix Syndrome. Did you just roll your eyes? If you didn’t then you should have! You should have yelled “you can’t please everyone all of the time!" Yes, that is true, but Fix It Felix yells right back saying “I damn well am going to try." They can’t handle contention it physically makes them ill!

For me I just want everyone to live in a world I like to call “Mayberry”. Where there is rainbows and unicorns. Sunshine, sparkling pink trees, and green grass. Think Dr. Seuss -Lorax and Teletubbies but without those 4 creepy little fellas and their weird looking houses (LOL) Got the picture of “Mayberry” in your mind. Isn’t it awesome! I want us all to live there.

To be happy, with NO contention everyone getting along. That isn’t to unrealistic is it? Reading this out loud I can see the flaw! The flaw isn’t that I’m imagining we all live in Mayberry. The flaw is me thinking and feeling like I have to fix it! I have to make it better so we can live the happily ever after. This photo of tools is one that I like to go to quite often. I search and search for the right tool to fix everything but sometimes things just can't be fixed.

For the “non” Fix It Felix peeps out there, I’m sure you are all thinking “is this real? Are there really people that think they have to fix everything?” My answer to you is YES! I know I am not the only one. And it is physically and emotionally draining. A constant stress that doesn’t go away until it’s been “fixed”. If it can’t be fixed then it pulls on our heartstrings and we keep thinking of ways to try to fix it. But what if it CAN’T be fixed? What do we do? Well, I can tell you what I did! I fixed it with food! I would eat. Eat trying to fix it, Eat as I fixed it, Eat after I fixed it. Eat even more when I couldn’t fix it! Basically I would EAT ALL OF THE THINGS!!! (Mainly a #1 from McDonalds with no lettuce, Super Sized with a Diet Coke extra ice) And as you can imagine it didn’t end well. While I was trying to fix it and make everyone else happy, I stopped making myself happy. I found this quote and it really hits the bull right on the nose. “Whether you believe you are here for a reason or you create the reason as you go along, the same holds true: Life is full of things you can’t fix. In front of you every day are things that you can. Those are the things you should worry about.” – Chris Guillebeau I realize that A- I can’t fix everyone else’s problems. And B- I need to focus on my everyday problem which is Emotional Eating and my Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Health. Reversing Fix It Felix Syndrome is hard. But loving myself is harder! I am constantly working on myself, fixing those things that are right in front of me.

So, how do you reverse Fix It Felix Syndrome? First step is to recognize it, and second is to change focus and FOCUS on yourself. All that time, love and energy you give to everyone else, start giving it to yourself. By doing this myself I have found my eating habits have changed. Instead of racing to McDonalds for that Big Mac and large fry, I think of Mayberry, I know I am creating my happily ever after and whomever wants to join me there can. I focus on the things that make me truly feel better. I give my body water, I take supplements, I eat better and I have taken control of my mental and emotional health using essential oils. Do I still struggle with Fix It Felix Syndrome? Sure, it would be a lie if I told you I didn’t. But the mind is a powerful thing. Changing your FOCUS can change your story. It can be a new chapter. A chapter more FOCUSED on YOU! Let's do this together friends.

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