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The Adaptiv System is an effective answer to reducing tension and helping empower and encourage when working to adapt to difficult situations or acclimate to new surroundings

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The Products

You can unlock the power of essential oils to elevate your life in incredible ways. The products in the Adaptiv Trio—Adaptiv Calming Blend, Adaptiv Capsules, and Adaptiv Touch—can help create a sense of balance, assisting you in adapting to your individual situation. These products are powerful on their own, but you can take your Adaptiv experience to the next level by combining them with other healthy habits to truly elevate your life.

Daily Habits

Creating good habits goes a long way in achieving mind wellness. Meditation allows you to quiet your mind, even when situations are stressful or worrying. The Adaptiv App was created to empower you to achieve mind wellness by completing simple guided meditation sessions each day. Strengthen your mind wellness habits with gratitude journal entries.


The Adaptiv App makes it easy to monitor your progress. You can collect key data about your day and the things on your mind. The Adaptiv App is equipped with powerful biofeedback metrics you won’t find in any comparable app. Over time, your stats show how your daily habits promote improvements in your overall mind wellness.

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